Kevin Willett:  

Don't miss a class with Kevin as your Instructor. I just attended his "What if it Were Family" class. It sounds weird, but I CAN'T WAIT to get back to work and try the skills I have learned today! Beth, Maine June, 2016) 

Kevin is the absolute best - Don't miss any chance you get to see him. -- Scott, Spartanburg County (02/2016)

That I was very entertained and informed. He was a wealth of knowledge. Kevin made me feel like I'm prepared to be a better dispatcher. I'll recommend this class to everyone. -- Marie, Clarksville PD (11/2016) 

Kevin's positive attitude is contagious! -- Kathryn - Manalapan PD (04/2015)

Kevin has a talent for passing on information in an entertaining and innovative manner. The message is always reinforced. -- Dan, Manalapan PD (04/2010)

If Kevin's goal was to motivate and inspire and educate, he was successful! -- Janna, Palm Beach, FL (04/2010)

Kevin was interesting and educating. He personalized the information by including specific real-life stories that I can use in my day to day job -- Valerie, Palm Beach County, FL (04/2010)

Presentation was from experience, training, knowledge - down to earth - practical - covered all my concerns -- Jeanne, Ocean Ridge PD (04/2010)

Kevin is the most engaging and entertaining instructor I have ever met! I am a 21 year dispatcher and Kevin was impressive wit demeanor to both new and experienced dispatchers. -- Michele, Palm Beach County (04/2010)

Kevin is REAL and I trust his judgment about what is valuable and current and beneficial. His humorous spin on serious matters keeps even graveyard shift people awake. Absolutely phenomenal! -- Sharyn, Boynton Beach 911, CA (04/2010)

Kevin is easy to listen to and very funny. Kevin talks "to" you and not "at" you. -- Gayle, Juno Beach PD (04/2010)

Wanted to drop you a quick note and say "thank you" for taking the time in your busy schedule to make a stop in Oregon.  The information you presented was very helpful - the presentation was excellent -  it brought to light some of the things that even we, as dispatchers, never knew happened or went on behind the scenes - therefore, it  provided - as you stated - one more piece of the puzzle for us! And, as you pointed out in your school violence class, unfortunately - it does happen here - Thurston High School was our example. I hope to be able to attend other classes you might offer for training in the near future. Keep up the excellent work you do - we appreciate all that you do for us - "on the other side of the radio" -- Deb, Comms Specialist - Lane County Sheriff's Office 

Kevin keeps the class interested in the subject matter all day long. The day went by fast and was enjoyable. Good refresher of fundamental principles I had forgotten. Good jump start! -- Jerry, San Jose PD, CA 

Kevin has so many stories that help substantiate and give credit to this program -- Marie, San Jose PD, CA 

Kevin was a great instructor! The class was an excellent tool/refresher. It gave us information to take back t improve our day to day dealings w/each other and the public -- Sandra, San Jose PD, CA

Kevin's personality. He was very knowledgeable, make the class fun and interesting -- Amanda, Spartanburg County 

Kevin is the greatest instructor. Easy to listen to and keeps the classes interest and at the same time sharing his great knowledge -- KBS, Garfield County SO 

Kevin is a great instructor and I would enjoy attending any other training he offers...Kevin knows his stuff! -- Carrie, Scott County 9-1-1, IL 

(Kevin) personable,,,knows what its like to be a Telecommunicator and a CTO. Has "been there" which makes me automatically give more weight to his help. Gives great suggestions on working with Command and FTO's..." -- Pat, Rock Island PD, IL 

Kevin is a “hoot”! He talks our kind of language. I love my job but we can all get a bit “whiney”. Kevin refreshes you and gives you a lot to think about. The best aspect is his ability to connect with the class. -- Lisa, Shiawassee County 9-1-1

I love Kevin's classes and teaching techniques. This is the third class that I've attended and have sent several co-workers also. Great mix of information, PowerPoint, stories and videos. Keep up the passion! -- Jason, Highland Park PD, IL 

Kevin interjects his personal experiences into the class as well as experiences of others. He makes the class fun, educational as well as a treat to attend. -- Mary Ellen, Huron County 9-1-1, MI 

Kevin is a wonderful and animated instructor. The fact that he has been a dispatcher makes his message and class that much stronger. Take his classes, listen, enjoy and learn! -- Mary Kay, Bloomfield Township, MI 

I have been to a lot of classes and I have to say that Kevin Willett is the best speaker I have ever heard. I learned a lot and gained a respect for my profession that I have never felt before. Thanks! -- Dana, Oakland County 9-1-1

I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how awesome the 2 day training class was and how much I enjoyed it. It was truly one of the best classes I have ever attended. You made me realize that I play a very important role in police work. I came out of that class determined to do a better job and to have a more sympathetic ear. I love the job I have and now realize I can make a difference. Thank you again so much. -- Marjorie, RDII Tok Dispatch 

Kevin is an excellent instructor. I enjoyed Kevin's classes on school violence and even liability. Kevin gave us a lot of good ideas, which we are going to incorporate into our program. Thanks! -- Kami, East Moline 9-1-1 Centre, OH 

Great Instructor! Great suggestions. Answered all questions and has a great knowledge of job and skills... -- Sarah, Scott County Sheriff's Office 

Kevin Willett is a dynamic speaker. He makes learning fun! -- Annette, Harwood Heights Communications, IL 

As always, Kevin is an excellent instructor. I have not attended one of his classes yet that I have not taken away vital information that helps me with my day to day function. Kevin's style of teaching makes you feel like you are having a personal relationship with him; which makes learning fun. Keep up the good work! -- Donita, Jefferson County 911 Communications, WV 

If Kevin's attitude and personality could be put into a form of a pill -- sent off to every dispatch center, double dose to most Supervisors...well...bliss! -- Lynn, Tuscola County Central Dispatch, MI 

Excellent content and course structure. Kevin, as always, made class amusing, while conveying the necessary and pertinent information... -- Ker, Shelburne PD, VT 

What People Are Saying About PSTC Instructors

Public Safety Training Consultants

More Great Evaluations:  

I would like to thank you for an outstanding class. Your presentation was moving for me. I learned so much about myself, which I don’t take a lot of time to do. Us dispatchers are one of a kind! At times we look past who we are or what we truly do for others and you made it very clear. Looking forward to more classes by PSTC -- Jeannette, Sierra Madre, CA 

Very funny and energetic. She kept the class awake! -- Gina, Vernon 9-1-1 Communications, CA 

So knowledgeable about her topics. She is approachable and personable. She presents her subjects in a clear and concise manner. I am walking away with more information than I ever expected.... -- Lynne, Ontario Police/Fire Communications, CA 

She was great. You all were great. The enthusiasm and dedication that you guys show for this profession is outstanding. Great job making a class that can be boring; a LOT of fun! -- Jenieve, KITTCOM, Ellensburg, WA 

She is very knowledgeable and informative. Leslie was very helpful and provided a lot of assistance specific to our agency. She also kept the class' attention by involving them in the discussion process. -- Wendy, Ontario Police/Fire Communications, CA 

Her knowledge is also comprehensive and she has an excellent speaking voice. Leslie is responsive to individual questions which is greatly appreciated... -- Stephanie, Pacific County Communications, WA  Leslie knows her material, and is able to bring her experience / resources to the class as well... -- Margie, Ontario Police/Fire Communications, CA

Letters every dispatcher should read: 

John Korman:

Great class, lots of food for thought.  Very informative and positive -- Judith, Detroit Regional Dispatch

I appreciate that the trainer (John) seemed truly interested in what each student had to say -- Lisa, Canton PD

Loved John's energy and enthusiasm.  It's contagious!  Fostered lots of group interaction -- Bonnie, Ottawa County Central Dispatch

I usually don't like group work, but the activities that were done were very helpful -- Anonymous

The instructor made the class very entertaining and informative at the same time.  Actively kept my attention. -- Elizabeth, Baytown Communications (06/25/14)

Instructor kept class at a very good pace. Kept you interested without getting bored. Very good information in the course and an excellent instructor. -- Dana, McMinn County E-911 (10/24/12) 

I enjoyed the class. Relaxed learning. Real life examples. Enhancing skills and preparedness. -- Holly, McMinn E-911 (10/23/12)

Excellent instructor and very interesting class. -- Jessica, Loudon County E-911 (10/23/12)

This class was very interesting and full of good information. The instructor was very good and had a lot of resources. -- Rhinni, Monroe County E-911 (10/23/12)

Instructor was awesome!!! Want him at our center! -- Anonymous (8/23/12) 

It’s been a busy time for us since we are in the midst of a cut over to a new CAD system, but I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for sending us John Korman. What an excellent instructor! Every single one of our telecommunicators attended his class and I have heard nothing but positive comments. Each and every one of them, including myself, truly enjoyed the class. I could not have asked for a better class agenda or a better instructor. The class content was perfectly suited to our needs, and morale here has definitely improved. Negativity has been reduced tremendously. I have already received requests to have him return for more classes in the future. I am extremely satisfied with PSTC and would highly recommend you to any agency searching for training or simply to boost morale. Thank you for responding to our needs. -- Debbie, Bridgeport CT