Public Safety Training Consultants

PSTC Core Values &
Mission Statement

PSTC provides the highest quality training to emergency services personnel.  Our team utilizes passion, humor and innovation to deliver the most useful educational experience possible.  Our core values are:

P     Pay it forward

S     Service

T     To do the right thing and strive for spectacular results

C     Commitment to every customer both internal and external

Pay It forward:  Pay it forward is the concept of empowering others to make a positive change.  Our headquarters and instructional staff pay it forward by inspiring and empowering our students and clients through our services and course delivery.

Service:  We deliver exemplary service with respect and courtesy.  From your initial contact with our office team and interactions with our instructional family, we promise to go the extra mile.  We are proud of our loyal clients and customers who will attest to our legendary level of service.

To "do the right thing".  Our training is constantly updated to meet the needs of our customers.  We strive for spectacular results and help our students place "memory markers" that will shape their professional performance day-to-day and under extreme pressures.  Our promise to do the right thing reaches beyond the classroom and is demonstrated whenever you see our staff at professional conferences, events and whenever we represent the PSTC-911CARES "family of companies".

Commitment:  Our Mission and Values don't happen without an undying commitment by everyone within the PSTC family of companies.  Our relentless pursuit of quality courses, support of the industry and gaining your trust is our highest duty.

Download a copy of our Core Values and Mission Statement here