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Kevin, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your class yesterday. I was able to send some of our trainees as well as a couple of our more senior, tarnished officers. I am hoping they were all able to get as much out of the class as I was. It was a great reminder for me of what originally attracted me to this line of work, and why I continue to love it, although I am no longer on the floor very much. I am currently working on my director to see if we can host a class in the future. I have no doubt we would be able to fill it, after seeing the turn out yesterday. I would be happy to "spread the word" on what a huge benefit there is in attending this class.

Providing Exceptional Service
"What if it Were Family?" 

We are excited to say that this new class will revolutionize service levels within the 9-1-1 profession.

What if it were your family needing help in an emergency? Why would you offer them a different level of service or “go the extra mile” for them and yet the average caller or responder may experience a different level of service? Is it possible to use terms that you would use with a family member when you are dealing with an “everyday call for service”? How can we make simple but substantial changes in our wording, mindset and thought processes to drastically improve our level of service?

The idea of "what if it were family" will be a thread throughout this information filled class that will change the "mindset" of many of your staff members. It will also validate the commitment and service that many of your team members already embrace while offering them new and exciting tools and phrases to use. 

This concept has received rave reviews so far and we are sure that your team members will respond to the WIIWF (What If It Were Family) values. This class is refreshing and reaffirming. It doesn’t demonize what we are doing now, it simply shows you a “better way” of doing things with modest changes in our questioning or more favorable co-worker responses and interactions. This class is an absolute game changer for the 9-1-1 industry!

Special attention is given to:
-Gathering better information from hysterical or uncooperative callers
-Mentally ill callers including suicidal callers
-What to say and what NOT to say
-Effective listening techniques and listening and responding to "key words"
-Domestic Violence call taking and Dispatching - Family & Responder Safety
-Asking clarifying questions
(the difference between he has a gun and he is threatening me with a gun)
-Effective voice inflection skills
We will demonstrate and reinforce the ideals of core values within any agency. We show the benefits of honor, respect, integrity, service and safety. If you have employees saying things like “I can’t help you without an address” or “that’s not a good address” or “that’s not a 9-1-1 problem” without actually listening to the caller for other clues, this is the perfect class to attend. If you have staff members that don’t realize or appreciate their essential role or their “piece of the public safety puzzle”’ this is the course to attend! If it’s just time for a new look at customer satisfaction and “upping your game”, this is the class for you!  This class is much more than a customer service class. It is a game changing class that brings students to a realization that some of our call taking tactics or co-worker interactions “go wrong” with one phrase or the use of a negatively perceived voice inflection. Breaking some simple bad habits can go a long way to instantly see better service and improved quality assurance scores. This class is perfect for any call taker, dispatcher, trainer or supervisor. The class will examine strategies for information gathering, calming techniques and "connecting emotionally" with callers. The class will discuss our various customers and how we can meet or exceed their expectations. We will also discuss the theory of our internal co-workers (fellow dispatchers) and how providing internal service is essential. This class is action packed, fast paced and loaded with great ideas that any 9-1-1 professional can use right away.

The class will cover additional “hot topics” such as communicating with agitated subjects, speaking with the mentally ill and creative, yet professional information gathering tools. We will use both great and not-so-great examples to illustrate effectiveness or failure. Send everyone on your staff for their continuing education. For agencies that are using "scripted" or protocol based dispatch systems, we will emphasize how to best utilize questioning sequences and how to employ various customer service phrases to enhance your quality assurance scores. Demonstrations of "clarifying questions" and “responder safety” questions will be demonstrated and utilized in scenarios. This class is ALL NEW and uses new case studies, audio examples, and stories that received national attention and cases where 9-1-1 professionals went above and beyond to offer assurance or assistance. This is a great opportunity to get your yearly dose of customer service training that will offer new and proven tools for providing the best possible service. This is a great way to get refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated! We will even show you the best way of combining great service during a wide variety of calls from "routine" to life threatening. Don't miss it! Target Audience:

Any dispatcher, trainer, supervisor or manager with an interest. 

Class length:

8 hours 

APPROVED in CA, MA, MI and other states

Call us for details regarding other certifications. We can get it certified in your state.