Hosting a PSTC class is very easy.  We do all of the promotions, billing and sending of class confirmation letters.  You just provide a classroom and minor audio-visual and class support.

PSTC is America's #1 in-service training providers. Our Instructors are all public safety dispatchers, trainers and supervisors. We have taught in ALL 50 of the 50 states and our prices are less than any other national provider. 

Have questions?  Call PSTC at 800-348-8911 x102 or email

If you would like to host a PSTC class or have us at your conference, just fill out the HOST PACK below.  The host packet does not obligate you to host or make a financial commitment.  It just gets the ball rolling in scheduling us or receiving more information on hosting.

Download the host pack in an MS Word document format to complete and return as an email attachment or in pdf format to fill out and fax in.Fax completed forms to

Public Safety Training Consultants

Classroom Needs:

  • Large rooms with easy access to dining and restroom facilities are preferred. Room should be located so there is a minimum of distraction.

  • Classroom set up with U-shape, box or fan style tables are preferred to facilitate group interaction. 


  • The classroom should be equipped with a screen, flip chart and an LCD projector.

  • A white board or flip chart is appreciated also. 

Call 800-348-8911 now to schedule your class!

In-Service Courses available for hosting

Special Workshop & Conference Sessions: